Our Approach

At Synchronicity Health, we take a holistic approach to wellness and healing. Holistic health is an approach to well-being that considers the whole person—body, mind, and spirit—in the pursuit of optimal health and wellness.

Our health supplements are made from high quality ingredients that are the result of vigorous sourcing.  When we formulate a product, we focus on absorption and utilization.  Over time, we have found that overwhelming the body with large doses of active ingredients is not the most effective method. Synchronicity Health is your trusted source for the highest quality, highest potency, third party tested supplements, backed and trusted by a Yale MD.

We use optimized delivery methods alongside absorption enhancing ingredients.  Nasal sprays offer superior absorption to oral supplements.  They bypass the harsh environment of the stomach and deliver supplements through the nasal mucosa, directly into the bloodstream.

Ingredients such as sunflower lecithin and certain fatty acid amides increase absorption of lipid based actives.  These allow us to use lower doses of ingredients, yet achieve a superior outcome.

Give our products a try, and you’ll experience firsthand what has taken us years to perfect.  Always feel free to check out our blog or reach out to us via our contact page for more information. Wellness is a journey, we’re here to guide you.