We rigorously search for the highest quality ingredients for all of our formulations.  Most companies try to increase the dosage of their ingredients to make up for the fact that they are poorly absorbed and even potentially dangerous forms.  Our products are made with high purity, natural, and highly absorbable forms of all ingredients.  These are further potentiated by blends of ingredients that are synergistic, and don’t require excessive dosages.


We use B12 formed from a specialized process that results in Methyl B12. Methylcobalamin is an all natural, methylated form of B12. Not only is this the natural form of B12, it is also easier to absorb, and aids the body in methylation processes.
Other manufacturing processes result in toxic byproducts attached to B12. Specifically, most cheap products on the market use a process that results in cyanocobalamine. That’s right, if you’re taking a cheap product with B12, it is probably bound to cyanide.

Superior Absorption

Our Methyl B12 Nasal Spray offers superior absorption via the nasal mucosa.  This application allows for more direct absorption of B12 into the bloodstream.  Most B12 capsules are made with Cyanocobalamin which has inferior absorption.  In addition, oral B12 products typically contain very large amounts of the vitamin.  This is because it is well known by these companies that a large percentage of this vitamin is excreted when taken orally due to poor bioavailability.


Vitamin B12 is required by several processes in the body.  Many of these processes result in energy production.  B12 is vital for energy production, brain function, keeps blood and nerve cells healthy and is involved in the production of DNA.