Our Team

George Given

Founder, CEO


George Given, the esteemed Founder and CEO of Synchronicity Health, is a visionary leader and dedicated researcher in the field of natural health and wellness.  With a wealth of experience spanning several years, George has been at the forefront of pioneering research and development in the creation of cutting-edge natural health products.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to in-depth research, George is known for his relentless pursuit of efficacy and excellence in the formulation of health supplements.  His passion for harnessing the power of nature to enhance well-being has positioned Synchronicity Health as a trailblazer in the industry.

George's leadership philosophy is rooted in a profound understanding of the intricate connection between science and nature.  Under his guidance, Synchronicity Health has become synonymous with trustworthiness, utilizing third-party tested ingredients in clinically effective doses to ensure the highest quality standards.

As a thought leader and innovator, George's impact extends beyond the boundaries of conventional supplement development.  His groundbreaking work includes the creation of a unique line of nasal spray supplements, capitalizing of the nasal mucosa for superior absorption and predictability.  This innovative approach sets Synchronicity Health apart, offering customers a range of potent and pure supplements that exemplify the company's commitment to excellence.

In George, Synchronicity Health is led by a visionary dedicated to pushing the boundaries of natural health and wellness, providing customers with products that embody the fusion of scientific rigor and the inherent healing power of nature.



Dr. Rob Palmer, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Palmer is a researcher in the Clinical & Affective Neuroscience Laboratory at the Yale School of Medicine as well as a resident physician in the psychiatry program at the University of New Mexico. Dr. Palmer has had a lifelong interest in multidisciplinary approaches to understanding and improving human health, which led him to attend medical school at the Yale School of Medicine and complete training in functional medicine with the Institute of Functional Medicine. At Yale, Dr. Palmer was co-founder and president of the Preventative Medicine Interest Group and a research fellow at Yale’s Clinical & Affective Neuroscience Laboratory, where he continues to be involved in research on mindfulness-based interventions. Dr. Palmer's research interests also include psychedelic-assisted treatments, and he is an associate researcher with Onaya Science. As Chief Medical Officer of Synchronicity Health, Dr. Palmer aims to help steward a new standard of excellence within the supplement industry, one based on meticulous scientific rigor, third-party testing of all ingredients, and pioneering innovation to ultimately help people achieve radiant health of mind, body, and spirit. 



Peter Nelson

Research Director

Peter is a human health and performance expert who has spent much of his career working in elite sport.  Previously, Peter served as the Vice President of Performance Science for Variel Health—a company focused on creating next-generation testing and training equipment for collegiate and professional athletic teams.  Prior to this, he was the Director of Sport Science for Arizona State University’s Football team, where he oversaw efforts to utilize scientific research and advanced analytics to optimize all facets of the performance program, including nutrition and supplementation protocols.  He also has a background in academic research: he earned his B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Pennsylvania State University, where he worked with renowned food science researcher Dr. Bob Beelman to investigate the health and performance benefits of compounds derived from various species of mushrooms.  Peter joins the Synchronicity team with the goal of leveraging his background in scientific research and his knowledge and experience in optimizing human health and performance to help reshape the landscape of the supplement industry to one that is more focused on ingredient quality and safety, and is guided by the weight of the scientific evidence to help people reach their health, wellness, and performance goals.


Max Crosland-Wood


Max, a Master of Research (MRs) in Developmental Neuroscience and Psychopathology, has a passion for clinical research and integrative treatments. He has assisted various research projects, including ketamine treatment for suicidality at Yale University and neuroscientific research into the mechanistic action of psychedelic drugs at Lubeck University. Currently, Max is involved in innovative research with Onaya Science, investigating the ceremonial use of ayahuasca as a potential treatment  for PTSD in veterans. Regarding clinical practice, Max offers cognitive behavioral hypnotherapy for stress and anxiety, and therapeutic massage for the UK National Health Service (NHS). Max plans to integrate these modalities into a more holistic mind & body therapy service; with the ultimate goal to help establish a multidisciplinary clinic, delivering a range of evidence-based treatments and self-care education.